I got so far thanks to my dad who taught me to love, respect and fear the mountain.

Thank you to my mother, my excursion companion of the Alps, who challenged many snow storms to remain by my side during the selection process.

Thank you to all my ski instructors from the Scuola sci e snowbord Cortina, and in particular to Luca Caproni, Walter Lacedelli and to my trainer Osvaldo Alberti (better known as ‘’Dallas’’) to whom I owe practically everything.

Thank you to the mountain guides Mario Dibona and Marco Spazzini.

Thank you to Walter Stevenin and to my instructors throughout the course of becoming a ski instructor: Damiano Riva, Carlo Traini, Normann Tagliabue, Giacomo Bisconti, Andrea Mammarella and Giovanni Moriconi.

Thank you to all my class mates from the scientific high school of Cortina for the friendship they offered ever since the first day of school.

Thank you to Michele Destro (ski 1 team from Padova) for having allowed me to publish some of his pictures.

Thank you to Leonidas Solomos for his valuable help in making  this site.