Ski races

  …it’s strange…the cups keep getting bigger as one gets taller

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  1. my first cup! By my side on the podium, I wanted my little brother, who was very small at that time, fat and wild, whereas now he is very tall, extremely thin and wonderful (see for yourselves on this site where there’s a picture of him dressed as a surfer: . From the picture you may not be able to tell that he is wonderful, but I can assure you he really is).
  2.  after several smaller cups, there was a major improvement: the cup is a lot bigger
  3. and after years of racing and competitions, the huge cup came together with a bottle to fill it up!
  4. a turning point picture: it was after this race that I decided to move to Cortina permanently. With dad and Giovanni at Livigno, at the “national race  judges and lawyers’’ with Giorgio Rocca as forerunner!