Who I am

Welcome to my site!

If you already know me, you know (nearly) everything about me, whereas if you got here by chance, then allow me to present myself.

I am 23 years old and I love the snow and the mountains, but unfortunately for me I was born in an area of pretty much the flattest land possible (the city of Pavia, where you don’t even need gears on your bicycle: everything is on flat land!!!). Nonetheless, at the age of four, my parents took me skiing at Cortina d’Ampezzo where I was under the supervision of an instructor of the Scuola sci Cortina (skiing school of Cortina).I immediately realized that skiing was extremely fun, and in fact, after a few years, skiing completely changed my life.

At the age of sixteen, I moved to Cortina permanently: I would go to school in the morning and skiing in the afternoon.I used my late afternoons and evenings to study, do my errands and tidy up the house…yes, because I lived alone, alone (which was sometimes a little bit sad, being away from my parents and my brother) but free to ski for as long as I wanted!

I got my law degree at the University of Pavia, yet, I’m not able to spend half the year in Pavia and half in Cortina since I’ve started shadowing my father and working under his supervision. (qui il test già esistente): I now spend my days in Milan slaloming between Chancellors of the court.

Even though my friends in Cortina make fun of me because of my unbelievable mistakes, I like talking in the local dialect of Cortina d’Ampezzo.However, I am quite successful when it comes to talking French and English.

I have a vast knowledge of music from the 70’s – 80’s, the only music which was allowed in my ski trainer’s minibus while he drove us to our races and competitions.

Please, don’t make me sing: I am no better than Cinderella’s stepsisters singing ‘’Oh, Sing Sweet Nightingale’’ or than Mumble from Happy Feet!